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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

you're my heartbreaker

i don't give in no matter what, the useful things still haven't die
only you caused a broken body, dead dreams, lost heart
if it's for you, this one body will fly, will rush to where you're at
i said what's the reason you don't want me
tell me all about your confident expressions, do it sadly
even i say all right or ask for a chance
i don't like the cold look in your eyes when you turn around once
i say i'm leaving, i'm really going
to see if you can live well without me
this is tedious, this is not going smoothly
my heart's tragedy
i ask the same everyday, you said that i've changed
will you please shut your mouth
you speak while knowing who you're talking to
now i'm out of control, constantly while being alone
in that spot, that place, it's goodbye and goodbye
i'll be there 
inside you turned off the phone
i'll be there
at the mailbox in front of my house
even if we're strangers now
i'll be there for you
let's be together, those words
it's only sweet for a little while
why do you don't care it
right now 
i'm hurting so much


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